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 Rules of the Site

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Rules of the Site Empty
PostSubject: Rules of the Site   Rules of the Site Icon_minitimeSat Jan 26, 2013 2:27 pm

These rules shall be followed, if you intend to break one of them or even more you will either be kicked or banned from the site.

For All Members

  • No name calling or speaking to another in any way that may be taken offensively. If you said something to someone and they took it offensively but you didn't mean for it to hurt their feelings, simply apologize and let them calm down.

  • When someone is picking on you DO NOT FIGHT BACK. DO NOT FIGHT BACK. It will just make things worse and turn an argument into a war. Instead, please contact one of the several Admins or Mods and we will make sure this stops to ensure a happy time on this website.

  • Fighting if not tolerated! If I see any fighting someone will be punished. ( unless it's a fighting scene in an rp session)

  • Signature lengths may be no longer than the length of your index finger. If you don't know if its the right size , message Admins or Mods we be surely to help you out.

  • Profile Pictures need to be a certain size as well! No pigger than message board size! check with a mod or admin we be surely to see if its a great size for the website, if its bigger, and stretches the page that's to big.

  • If I see anyone fighting or complaining in Chat box those people will be ban from the chat box an will not able to talk to each other.

  • If you're that immature person and think sex is bad, don't complain sex is part of life. You're gonna do it someday so don't complain if people describe sex. If you complain you will get a strong pm from me. Just simply choose a more tolerable rp for you rather than causing a big deal about it. [Rate M or R at the top of your roleplay]

  • You may NOT ask people to join your sites on here, if you do I WILL BAN YOU.

  • Don't steal peoples characters or there pictures, just don't , you will already know what will happen to you're immature self.

  • This is a Advanced site, the length of the posts must be at least 100-200 words long! If there not, I will have a word with you.

  • This site is for 14 years and older, i don't want any 12 and below on this site. I can already tell people will be immature.

  • Admins, Moderators, mini mods, helpers, and members are the site's superior helpers who are the only ones who can take command. If you don't understand pm me.

For Chat Box

  • If there was previous fighting in the chat box then ABSOLUTE NO CLEARING OF THE CHAT BOX, UNLESS DONE BY AN ADMIN, IS ALLOWED. If you do erase the chatbox (after always checking the archives) and there was fighting, please tell the Admins.

  • If you make a huge change to the site, please talk to the other Admins, Mods, and/or Mind Mods before doing so. If you have most of their agreement, you may do what you want.

  • You are not allowed to ban or suspend a member without talking to all the Admins first.
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Rules of the Site
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