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 We Were Yet Sinners

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PostSubject: We Were Yet Sinners   We Were Yet Sinners Icon_minitimeFri Apr 03, 2015 11:54 pm

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All of us have thought of the existence of Jesus Christ, and his despair for humanity. Some of us are Christian, or even Atheist, but we all have our reasons for why we choose one of those. Maybe you picked Christian because God has helped you regain something you've lost. Or you have picked Atheist for blaming God for taking something away you loved. You may pray for happiness even if you're Atheist, or even sinned when you're Christian. No matter which one you choose you'll do the opposite at sometime of your life. For myself am a Atheist, i have once prayed to God for his help. Yet my best friend is a Christian and has sinned more then several of times. Yet claims to love Jesus Christ, i am not saying that it is wrong to follow The Holy Christian Faith it is all about having faith in God isn't it? One of my prayers have came true, and i asked for God for more. I use to follow Lucifer and claim to be just as evil, as innocent that Christians were to God. The last of us we're willing to accept what we believe just to do the exact opposite over time.


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We Were Yet Sinners
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