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 ~*I'm Olivia*~

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PostSubject: ~*I'm Olivia*~   ~*I'm Olivia*~ Icon_minitimeTue Jul 28, 2015 1:14 am

~* I've been on this site since 2012! I'm actually bestest friends with the official Admin of this site in real life!

~* We, as a team decided it was time to develop a way for roleplayers like ourselves, to have fun and enjoy their times role playing without any immaturity!

~*For years now, since I've joined, Me and the fellow Admin have been doing private role playing sessions with just us two for quite some time now. To develop our own skills on grammar, length of paragraphs, paraphrasing, spelling, vocabulary, etc.

~*I was proud to be able to be accepted as an Administrator for this wonderful site to help introduce new fellow members into a new exciting world of role playing!

~*As strange as it may seem, yes the role playing is mostly dark and demented, but it's not only for those who are into evil things. I, myself, am more of a light spirited roleplayer. I like to bring in the mix of the good with the evil, presenting a whole bother preservation to the topic! Not only does it introduce both sides, but it makes it more interesting to roleplay! It's not unusual to step out of your comfort zone and take a new direction as a roleplayer. Say you like just roleplaying Wolves, you get tired of it and it just gets boring. Simply try something new! That's the fun thing about roleplaying! It's all about imagination and developing something of your own!

~*Anyways! Since I'm supposed to be introducing myself, Yes my name is ~*Olivia*~ I'm kind-hearted, well educated, selfless individual. I'd much rather you get to know me rather than having to read an introduction! I like to bring a lot of self comfort and humor! I enjoy a good horror, tragic roleplay everynow and then with a hint of romance and good vs. evil.

~*If by any chance you have a question or you do not agree with any sort of terms, or policies, feel free to ask me or my fellow admin, Creaturee

"If   it   intimidates   you,  it's   a   sign   you   need   to   do   it."
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~*I'm Olivia*~
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