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 The Man of Letters

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The Man Of Letters
"You kill yourself in ways that go unnoticed"

Chapter 1
"Father of all"

November 15th, 1999

The sun shinned through the glass of the church, there stood Raphael lecturing about the words of God. His hands on each side of the podium raising one with his words his voice echoed throughout the walls. The eyes lied upon Raphael as if he was their guidance, he looked up to God as if he was wanting a favor but he just wanted his very own Guidance. He begun to close the session of speaking, as some stayed too pray and others left for better things to do. Raphael stood over a table flipping through the pages of The Bible, his eyes scrolling through the sentences as if he has seen these words over a thousand times. He could hear the faint whispers of prayers that the people spoke. Praying with them so they'd get what they prayed for. Until one young lady popped up in the back, he rose his head and thought he sound go introduce himself and pray with her. He made himself down there just in time when her prayer ended, he placed one hand in the other. Her eyes wandered up toward him and her face grew pale, he then walked beside her and sat down.
"Any specific person you are praying for?" Raphael asked with a soft voice to ease her.
"My mother." She replied, her voice was faint yet pleasing.
"On her way to Heaven i suppose?" He turned his head and looked at the cross. "So is mine" His voiced lowered.
"How ... did she go?" She asked curious turning her body slightly to mine.
"Suffocation." His reply was quick and calm "Suicide, they always think its the easy way."
"Isn't that a Sin?" She frowned a bit "I am sorry to hear about your loss."
"No need to worry, it's been 16 years." He huffed "I'm sure she's sitting down on a couch and reading away her pain" He gave a small smile.
"Seems like a great time." She smiled toward him as if she wanted him to not be sad.
"Heh, Yeah i guess so" He smiled "But i shall finish greeting others before i head h-"
"Wait" She gripped his hand before he stood "What's your name?"
"Raphael" He responded quick from her grip
"Kiya, pleasure to meet you Raphael" She smiled
"Pleasure is all mine" He nodded with a small smirk. "Come back again be great to catch up" He begun to walk off as she did too out the two tall smooth wooden doors.
The day went by slow, dragging his feet losing the interest hoping he'd actually see Kiya again. One by one everyone seemed to leave. Slowly turning toward the Podium he raised his hand from his side and waved them goodbye. Not a single word left his mouth, He didn't greet even when he should've. Turning back and closing the hard back bible and putting it onto the shelf in the podium. Pressing his hand against it and praying under his breath hoping everything would be alright. It was around 6 pm and he started to head out the doors. Grabbing the trench coat and slipping it on, with a grunt he managed to put it on without any sore muscles. He was calm and he was ready to go home and relax, as he walked down the Isle and wave of anxiousness fills him as if he felt that something was going to happen. He mustn't stayed longer but he couldn't even keep his eyes open any longer.  


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The Man of Letters
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