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 The Suicide King

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The Suicide King
The Suicide King Inh1mp

Who were you to ask what pain did to a person? What in fact happened to someone who was mentally unstable. We faced troubling pasts, child abuse, drug abuse, sexual abuse, any physical/mental abuse. Can change a person, cause one to grow up to scared, twisted, reserved etc. There is an academy that allows people to change to learn about what they've been through. If you face depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts etc, the academy helps to meet someone like you, in the exact same pain you are in. You will take several classes to help you build up your mental state.

Several students a year, commit suicide. Other's disappear without a notice, some even leave the academy without a change. You may stay here for one to up to four years, you have a dorm with another attender may be male or female. You will be signed when you enter, You will be under care from psychologist's even police. Will you change?

Who Are You?

Full Name: Kassian Sergei Vasiliev
Called by?: Kas
Gender: Male
Birthday: April 12, 1986
Age: Thirty-one
Mom: Apollyon Vasiliev
Dad: Kim Areum
Siblings: Thee only child
Where did you grow up?: Moscow, Russia  

What Are You Like?

Personality: Evil has lurked on this planet for generations, and yet others can't get use to the fact that there still evil in many of them. Twisting and turning in them, changing their way of life. Many evil is only just a part of them, a simple taste to fill. Barely changing them due to the fact that it has already taken over what they already were. No sympathy for others, having no empathy for others. A serial killer in the making is evil already, the planet is dying and they are suppose to just let it. Evil is like a sharp blade cutting into the sweet unfortunate kindness that fills the earth in a swift motion. One moment it's together, and in the other it's torn apart.

Kassian a evil soul that lurks the lands with pride, yet the unhinged male attempts to break and tear down every unfortunate soul that passes him. The manipulative male will do pretty much anything to get what he wants, if something were to go wrong, he will do anything to turn the tables on the other being. Even if it involves hurting someone else, the manipulative male feels no remorse for anyone whether they are younger or older. In his own words "Everyone get's shit."

When it comes to talking, Kassian is quick-witted. Able to think and respond quickly and effectively, he is very intelligent and has to ability to understand everything. When he want's he will avoid all social interaction for a long period of time, when he doesn't want to create havoc that is. Kassian has a tendency to love to harm others, and create chaos or stir up a fight whether it's with words or an actual physical fight. Nothing is better than having someone else's blood on him, or sinking into the soil around them. He is also a massive shit talker, he won't have an issue with belittling you, talking down upon you, or attempting to stir up a fight. Everything to him is just a giant game, and will lead to the exact same ending.

Kassian mentally is a reserved male, better on his own and rather separated from others. He has a lot of deep psychological issues, he is at loss when it comes to figuring himself out. Like the king of the chessboard, so inept and easily beaten. As well he is all eyes and ears, He is an observer figuring out what he's getting himself into. As up most important, Kassian is not afraid to jump boundaries. He is not easily scared, nor has he ever been scared of another person. He will most likely enjoy throwing words and threatening another. It's all just fun and games to him, that smirk never leaves his face when it begins. The louder they raise their voice, the bigger the smirk gets, forming into a twisted grin. He wants other's to fear him, it just makes him more bigger and better.

Kassian knows how to break a body down.
Disorders: Borderline pd, OCD
Attend the Academy for what reason: Child Abuse, Physical Abuse from others.
Talents: knows how to be a real pain in the ass.
Flaws: Anger
History: -

Love Life?

Married To: No one
Children: Never
Past Boyfriend/Girlfriend: No one
Current Boyfriend or Girlfriend: No one
Your type: Don't have one
Fiancé: No one
Sexual Orientation: Asexual/Aromantic

What Do You Look Like?

Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
How Tall are you: 6'2
Tattoos: Some
Piercings: None
Style: Tends to wear black
What you look like: look below

The Suicide King DSEIiWC

Hang tight
All you
Nothing like a big bad bridge
To go burning through
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The Suicide King
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